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What is the difference between car refrigerator and home refrigerator

1, anti-shake anti-shake: car refrigerator seismic performance, to adapt to the bumpy road use;

2, battery protection: car refrigerator battery protection set value will automatically power off to protect the normal start of the car;

3, E-mark (Electromagnetic Interference): The electric control module of the car refrigerator does not interfere with the electromagnetic of other electronic products in the car at work, and will not even affect the normal use of the car battery.

4, anti-down protection: When the car refrigerator, a slight tilt does not affect the normal work, when the tilt reaches more than 45 °, it will automatically stop working to protect the compressor;

The reason for the difference:

1, the car is constantly vibrating during driving, good anti-shake anti-shake performance to ensure the normal use of 12v compressor fridge freezer;

2, the car refrigerator car cigarette lighter connection, when the car is turned off, the battery will continue to supply power to the refrigerator, then the battery protection to ensure that the battery retains sufficient power to ensure the normal ignition of the car, so as to protect the safety of the battery ;

3, a variety of electronic products within the car, a variety of electromagnetic interference interfere with each other's normal work, E-mark can ensure that the car refrigerator electromagnetic interference with the normal operation of other electrical equipment to protect the safe use of a variety of electronic equipment in the car;

4, the compressor is too large tilt angle, the continuous work will result in compressor damage, affecting the service life, anti-down protection to ensure that the compressor tilted more than 45 ° automatically shut down to protect the compressor's life;